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2015 Volvo Hybrid ADL E400MMC SJ15PVN 13045 Stagecoach Strathtay

2015 Volvo Hybrid ADL E400MMC SJ15PVN 13045 Stagecoach Strathtay.

On Thursday 23 April 2015 Stagecoach Strathtay took delivery of the first four Volvo Hybrid ADL E400MMC buses for their Tayway service. A total of 18 buses were delivered over the following weeks. They were formally launched on 25 May 2015, gradually entering service that same day.

Three buses were parked together outside the garage and the fourth (HY14BUS) was inside for staff training.

Photographed at Stagecoach Strathtay Arbroath with permission.

24 April 2015

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