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1982 Leyland National 2 WBW735X “SN12” Strathtay Scottish in Arbroath with SA15VTU 13052, HSK791 34691 (PX05ELH), ST52NTO 16927, SA15VTV 13054

1982 Leyland National 2 WBW735X “SN12” Strathtay Scottish. New to UK Atomic Energy Authority Harwell. Restored and painted into Strathtay colours to mark the company's 30th anniversary in 2015.

Making friends at Arbroath Bus Station: 2015 Volvo Hybrid ADL E400MMC SA15VTU 13052, 2005 ADL Dart Plaxton Pointer HSK791 34691 (PX05ELH), 2002 Volvo B7TL East Lancs Vyking ST52NTO 16927 and 2015 Volvo Hybrid ADL E400MMC SA15VTV 13054.

4 September 2016

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