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1982 Leyland National 2 WBW735X Strathtay Scottish "SN12"

1982 Leyland National 2 WBW735X was painted in to Strathtay Scottish livery and given the fleet number "SN12" to mark the company's 30th anniversary in 2015.

It was first registered on 16 February 1982 by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Harwell, Oxfordshire.

This is the first time the bus has been out on the road since a blown head gasket problem last year leading to an engine rebuild and compressor refurbishment along with other associated repairs. Some repairs are still pending hence the removal of some panels.

Just in time to mark its 34th birthday!

14 February 2016

DSC09395.JPG 22-1979_Ailsa_B55-10_Mk_II_Alexander_WTS272T_300_new_to_Tayside2C_1982_Leyland_National_2_WBW735X_new_to_Atomic_Energy_Authority_Harwell.JPG DSC07779.jpg 23-1982_Leyland_National_2_WBW735X_new_to_Atomic_Energy_Authority_Harwell2C_Leyland_Leopard_Alexander_Y-type_TSJ64S_SL664_new_to_Western_SMT.JPG DSC07776.jpg
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