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2003 Volvo B7TL East Lancs Vyking SP03GDK 710 16930

2003 Volvo B7TL East Lancs Vyking SP03GDK 710 16930 back in Strathtay livery for Strathtay 30th anniversary running day.

This side fleet name came from Strathtay stores quite some time ago...

In preparation for the Strathtay Scottish 30th Anniversary Running Day on 26 July 2015.

24 July 2015

07-DSC00365_yx64wbt.JPG 07_SP60DPX_19654_SP60DSU_19643_SP60DPY_19655_SP60DSE_19641_SP60DSE_19641~0.JPG 08-DSC06777.JPG 08-DSC00367_yx64wbt.JPG 08_SP60DPX_19654_SP60DSU_19643.JPG
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